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Bernie Dexter 2019-2020 DNA Collection

Bernie Dexter 2019-2020 DNA Collection

   This collection is a reflection of what Levi & I have been going thru for the past 2 years. In 2018 we both got results from 23andMe & Ancestry DNA test.

Levi had not seen his father since he was 5 and I wanted to help reunite them. I took the tests to support him in his search. We found Levi's family sadly his father had passed but the amazing heritage Levi learned was he is amazingly Caribbean. This totally makes since. His family are incredible talented, etremely intelligent, loving people who have accepted him with open arms. They are some of the most wonderful people I have ever known.

this is where my Caribbean influence is coming from.

Above: Levi and his aunt and cousins.

above: Levi's Cousin Ian & I
above: Levi's Father , Levi, Levis Grandmother
above: Levi & his Mum
above: Levi & his father Vivian
above: Levi & his uncle Winston
My DNA journey
It took 6 months for me to unravel my story. I had not found one single hint of Filipino...I just could not understand why?
Levi had gone to Italy for a gig, so I had some down time to study both Ancestry & 23andMe, I was determined..... After searching and searching I decided to put my sisters last name into the search, and low & behold a HUGE list of DNA matches came flooding in. I could not believe what I was seeing! I slammed my laptop closed and threw it across the sofa and cried!! I knew my sisters father well, and I also knew he passed some time ago. I even knew his mother.. Needless too say I purchased a kit for my sister and the results were we are intact full blood sisters! It was bitter sweet result, I LOVE my Filipino family so much... I was so sad I missed out of my bio father.. So to celebrate him and my amazing grandmother & newly discovered Hispanic family I have a lot of Hispanic , Mexican influence with this new collection.
above: Bio Father and I
above: Father and I in 1982
above: My grandmother
above: aunt Florentina, Bernie, Grandma, my Sister
Above: My bio dad and mother..
above: Bernie & Sister
Mom & Dad
My mother met my dad in Hollywood in the 1960s. My mom was a burlesque dancer at the Hollywood Follies, her first day was Tempest Storms last day working there. My dad was in a band from New Mexico. he played bass, trumpet & vocals. 
above: mom & dad wedding day

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