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Bernie Dexter maybe linked to Portuguese royalty?

Bernie Dexter maybe linked to Portuguese royalty?
oddly enough on my journey.. I lost a sense of who I thought I was and begun a whole new journey of discovery, I am pretty tenacious and will find the true facts no matter what!
Recently Ancestry had been able to pinpoint some of my DNA to Portugal and Spain.. it is wonderful because my non bio father is almost 1/4 Portuguese and so I get to keep that part of me 10.9% of my DNA is Portuguese/Spanish.
This week I remembered seeing the name Aragon pop up in my searches quite a bit.. People with this name in their tree or their actual last name... Of course I thought of King Henry the 8th! His first wife Catherine of Aragon, also one of my DNA cousins mentioned they may be a royal link..... so I been snooping on DNA relatives trees this morning, and found something very intriguing...
is it possible? can this be correct? I need to find an expert to help me find out if this is for real!!! my ancestor may be the sister of Catherine of Aragon!! I wish a reality show would be interested in taking me on this journey so I am putting it out there.. I would be so up for it!

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  • Greetings from Lisbon!
    Don’t worry: for me and many other fans of your work, you are already royalty! :-)

    Jorge Xavier

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