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Levi Dexter and The Gretsch Brothers Japan Tour 2019

Japan Tour 2019 is off to a wonderful start.

well apart from the typhoon! We had no idea there had been some deviation in the seaside town we are staying in, I noticed toppled buildings a torn roof tops as soon as we arrived.. So sad but the town seems to be pushing forward and thriving as you can see the wind surfers were out in full force!


  We have had 2 relaxing days in a wonderful hotel with delicious food and wonderful visits with friends.

we will be on the road starting tomorrow. Tomorrow is our 20 year wedding anniversary celebration =) the the Levi and Grestch Brothers tour 2019 begins!



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  • Hi Bernie! Is there tour info anywhere online? I’m in Yokosuka, and if I can make a show that would be amazing :D


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